What We Do

Tekkr Exports is a quality and excellence driven export company with a vision to provide the world access to best quality Indian rice, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and pharmaceuticals with world class quality, infrastructural and reasonable price along with vast clientele we strive to bridge our international clients/ customers faster than others.

Customers Love Certainty

We Make Sure We Give It to Them

Quality Management

  • Top notch quality
  • Excellence in product selection according to international requirement
  • Optimal pricing and packing guarantee

Our fruits and vegetables are checked by the quality inspector in compliance with India's strict export standards before supply. With our vast experience of regional and seasonal climatic variations, we are well qualified to select top quality fruits and vegetables from each area in accordance with the international requirements. We are highly conscious about your health and offer you pesticide free fresh vegetables and fruits. The agricultural and market specialists working with us insist upon the optimal picking time and packing requirements of our client’s countries.


  • Integrated technical and sustainable infrastructure
  • In build facilities from grading to storage in all physical requirements
  • Huge pack house in APMC market

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure which is equipped with all necessary equipments to carry out our operations efficiently. We have all the in-built facilities for grading, sorting, pre-cooling, cold storage, and export from export and the local markets requirement. We also own a pack house in the export building APMC vegetable market.


  • Vast global network
  • Satisfied and loyal customers

We have developed a large network of clientele which is spread all across the globe. Some of the major countries where we export are London, Singapore, U.S.A, and Malaysia etc. Our customers are fully satisfied by our products and services which represents our high quality standards and reliability.